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Mawu Creations

YOU are the gateway to Heaven on Earth

About me

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As a spirited child of the Earth, I never fitted in traditional workspaces. So I decided to fully embrace my creative potential and trod my own path towards a meaningful life. You will find here everything that stirs my Soul : transformational coaching, multidisciplinary artworks, and spiritual teachings. I sincerely believe that we create a better world through inner metamorphosis, and that joy, love, abundance, and success are our birth rights. You deserve it all!


Who is Mawu?

Mawu is an African goddess of the Dahomey cosmology. She carries the Feminine principle within the couple of twins Mawu-Lisa, Lisa being her male alter ego. As they go together, it is a way to acknowledge that centuries of patriarchy brought the need to restore and heal the Feminine energy within all of us, while recognizing the importance to embrace duality in order to be whole. We have to let go of this idea of competition between genders and simply accept that each polarity lives in each of us and has wonders to offer when they're adequately honoured. This idea of Male-Female energies as spiritual essences that need to be balanced is a core theme of both my artworks and teachings. 

Furthermore, Mawu is considered as the creator of the Earth, which is also a way to express all my love and gratitude towards our wonderfully rich and generous planet. Eco-feminism has a lot to offer when it comes to understand and deconstruct oppression towards females and nature's bodies, and how coming back to natural cycles provides healing within and without.

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