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Who Am I ?

First trained as a specialized educator, I have accumulated ten years in the field of psychosocial work by accompanying people of all ages and all kind of life experiences (criminality, substance abuses, mental health issues, employment difficulties…). In 2016, I had the chance to be in charge of a social art project in Honduras. I could experiment with art as a method of intervention, showing myself how a powerful tool of transformation it is. Since then, I have been studying to become an art therapist, a journey that is still ongoing. I recently completed my multidisciplinary Bachelor degree in psychology, criminology and visual arts.

At the same time, my artistic practice is a mode of multiple expressions that allows me to maintain a sense of Beauty, Play and the Sacred. My personal interests have also led me to experiment with all kinds of approaches and disciplines related to body awareness (dance, theater, circus arts, Core Energetics therapy...).

Notwithstanding the value of my training and experiences, my strongest pillar in my coaching is my own healing journey. I am a spiritual development JUNKIE. Each time I bravely face my fears or old buried emotions and beliefs, I open a door to let more joy and freedom in. I discovered, by exploring the unknown territory of my own Unconscious, that all the resources are within us to create the Alchemy that gives us access to a higher version of Self. I offered myself this gift (and continue to do so, since we are an eternal ongoing project!), and I have the intimate conviction that it is accessible to everyone. The richness I have gained from it makes me eager to share the powerful tools I have accumulated along the way.

Although working in public services allowed me to have a positive impact in my community, I never felt completely at ease in an institutional setting. Never felt like I could be completely myself. This is why entrepreneurship presented itself as the way to be of service while having the freedom to be WHO I REALLY AM. I look forward to connect with you and see how I could help.

What a joy to be a sovereign co-creator in this earthly Paradise!

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